Medi-Share, an affordable, biblical solution to the healthcare dilemma

Save thousands of dollars a year on your healthcare costs by using a non-insurance alternative like
It’s affordable and acceptable under the law.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Members are never declined for health reasons; however, there are sharing limitations for bills related to pre-existing medical conditions.

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Medi-Share Enrollment

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What is Medi-Share

Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing program operating since 1993. The guiding principles of Medi-Share are biblical, joining like-minded Christians from all 50 states.


Medi-share is a program administer by a Healthcare Sharing Ministry guidelines and not provided by an insurance company. Medi-Share is not regulated by state or federal insurance regulatory requirements and is not insurance.


Members voluntarily share eligible medical burdens of other Christians who agree to live similar lifestyles. More than $844 million shared during 2018.

Enrollment is available year round.

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Lots of Americans have discovered Medi-Share, an affordable alternative to health insurance.  Since 1993, More than $3.5 billion in medical bills shared and discounted